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  • Ceridian - Percussion Customer
  • First Merit Bank - Percussion Customer
  • Norfolk State University - Percussion Customer
  • Eliassen Group - Percussion Customer
  • City of Dover, NH - Percussion Customer
  • Colby Community College - Percussion Customer
  • Verint - Percussion Customer
  • Lancaster Bible College - Percussion Customer
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission - Percussion CMS
  • National Express - Percussion CMS
Free Ebook: Don't Let Your Design Firm Choose Your Web Content Management System

Free Ebook: Don't Let Your Design Firm Choose Your Web Content Management System

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The ROI of Web Content Management

Content Marketing ROI: Quantifying the Value of the Difference

Content Marketing ROI: Quantifying the Value of the Difference


Ease of Integration, flexible deployment

Separate your content from your web apps with simple code insertion points within the CMS. Manage your apps using the tools of your choice, be it .NET, PHP, etc.

Decoupled architecture gives you the flexibility to deploy using platforms of your choice in a hosted or managed service environment causing minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

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Thoughts on Content and Interaction from the Percussion Team

Is Your Company Producing Content “Selfies”? How and Why You Should Stop Content Narcissism

Fri Jun 13, 2014
At the 2014 Sirius Decisions Conference, Marisa Kopec, Vice President and Group Director delivered a thought-provoking presentation, “B to B Content: 2014 and Beyond”. Her research revealed that large organizations believe they are wasting as much as $30 million dollars a year producing content, (and they do mean wasting as they estimated that 60% to 70% of content goes unused!). The obvious question is “why?”

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Diary of a Redesign: Convince Your Boss It's Time to Redesign Your Website with These 8 Reasons

Wed Jun 11, 2014
Having trouble convincing your boss to redesign the company website? Our post offers 8 reasons that will help your boss realize it’s time to go for it. This is part 1 of a new weekly series to take you through every stage of a website redesign project.

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SEO Basics: How to Optimize Images and Video for Search Engines

Fri Jun 6, 2014
A robust SEO strategy should include images and video, which are the most popular and fastest growing forms of online content, especially on mobile devices. While much keyword and content optimization focuses on page content and meta tag information, most search engines serve allow you to search specifically for images or video, and include them alongside text only results.

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Using our patent pending LiveFirst technology, you can import your site and start making improvements immediately.

Import, Improve and Publish all within days and weeks, not months and years. Enter your website information to see how quickly your new website can be live using Percussion CMS.